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Your Family Dentists for Saint John

As a family-owned business, we know the importance of a family’s health. Since 1984, we have been putting patients dental health first and ensuring you get the best care we can give. Our team loves to keep you smiling.

The following are among the services our dentists are capable of performing:

  Family Dentistry

  Dental Exams and Treatment Planning

  Dental X-Rays

  Preventative Dentistry;

  Dental Hygiene Cleanings



  Restorative Procedures;


  Dental X-Rays

  Root Canals


  Dentures and Partials

  Crowns and implant supported Crowns

  Bridges and implant supported Bridges


  Biteplans and Retainers


   Biteplans and Retainers

Please reference the Canadian Dental Association website for information regarding procedures as well as oral health:

Procedure Information • Oral Health Information


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